Tradition and contemporary
in the antique dealers' alley


I Capitelli welcomes you with care and attention in the historic center of Sarzana. Our menu is the expression of the best Emilian and Tuscan culinary tradition, ranging also in the Ligurian one with seafood and meat dishes.

Antonio Albignani has authentic Emilian origins, from Fidenza, and has decided to challenge his passion for fine dining by betting on Sarzana, a place where he had no professional history. Antonio has clear ideas about his culinary proposal: his traditions in the Meat Menu, a keen eye for fine products and a unconventional Ligurian Seafood Menu.

Meeting with Tuscan chef Simone Sbrana marks the beginning of the adventure, with the common goal of creating a different proposal in Sarzana.

Let us introduce our staff

A trained and close-knit staff, offering an attentive and professional service thanks to the perfect coordination between service and kitchen.


Our Seafood proposals vary according to the change of season, while Meat proposals start with a selection of Emilian cured meats. Last but not least, all our Desserts are homemade.
We also have special consideration for vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies.

We offer a selection of local and national Wines thanks to AIS Sommelier graduate Adriana Giannarelli.


A lounge in the heart of Sarzana

I Capitelli hosts its customers in characteristic restaurant located in the historic center of Sarzana, in Via dei Fondachi alley, at the corner with Via Mascardi, known as "The Antique Dealers' Alley".

The intimacy of the interior is balanced in summer by having tables outdoors, both in the internal alley and in the adjacent square.

Sarzana has always been known as an important crossroads of historical, cultural and food and wine tourism, as well as for its closeness to the sea and Lunigiana area. An urban context with a wide range of restaurants and catering activities, in which we were able to insert our vision of catering, positioning ourselves as a reference point for our customers.



    I Capitelli will welcome you in a unique location in the ancient heart of Sarzana.
    During the summer our customers may enjoy dining in the outdoor tables in the internal alley or in the adjacent square.

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